FAQ — Zealery

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to code to use zealery?

Nope! While our platform is heavily technology-oriented, we make it super easy for anyone to use. We also provide 2 hours of one-on-one on-boarding for all new clients.

i'm on a budget, What's the minimum price to participate?

$5. We deploy everything via Facebook and Instagram and you can get started for as low of $5. We will work with you budget and do not charge any fixed fees. For more information on pricing click here.

why would i hire you guys and not a marketing research firm?

Good question! First of all, modern day market research firms will typically charge you upwards of $15,000 for a product market report. In addition, here at Zealery, we know that instead of surveys, testing out different ideas in the form of ads will reach more people and be closer to the actual buying experience.

Do you only test on facebook and instagram?

As of now yes. We have plans to incorporate SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms in the near future. Stay tuned!

Can i manage my social media ads using zealery?

Yes you can! We work hard to make Zealery very user friendly and all our clients will have the option to manage and deploy Facebook and Instagram ads via Zealery.

I'm in! Where do i start?

Awesome! You may click here to get started. We look forward to having you :)